N.T.P Nderimi company was registered as an individual business in 1991 with its legitimate owner Shaban Aliu. In 2004, the company changed its social status from a private enterprise to a socially-owned enterprise, becoming LLC (limited liability company) owned by Shaban Aliu and Hysni Ramandani.

The main activities of the company are closely related to the construction industry and in particular to the iron trade of various profiles, imported from Albania and Greece as well as the export of scrap metal. In Kosovo, we are the undisputed leader and main representative in the import / export of iron and trade of various construction materials. Since 2008 we hold the main primacy in Kosovo for import and export of iron (metal rod) and scrap iron.

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To offer high quality services and products to our customers all over the world!


To be a leading company in Engineering / Construction, Logistics and Trade at home and abroad serving with excellence and exceeding the expectations of our customers.


Among our first partnerships in the regional market was with the company “Sidenor S.A” from Greece for the supply of iron profiles and the export of scrap iron as a leading importer and exporter for the domestic market. On the other hand, our partnership continued with the company Makstil A.D from North Macedonia as the main exporter of scrap iron in the country.

As a continuation of doing business, in 2000 Nderimi LLC entered into a partnership with the well-known Veles company “Kiro Kuquk” in North Macedonia as the main distributor to supply the Kosovo market with all types of bricks.

Our partnership continues with the company “Kurum International JSC” in Elbasan for the supply of iron profiles where our company is the representative for the import of iron (armature) and export of scrap iron.

Nderimi LLC has an excellent partnership with these companies:

Mabco Construciton Shpk (Mabetex), Trade Ltd, HIB Petrol Ltd, KBR Camp Bondsteel, SharrCem, Kurum International, Aliu GmbH (Germany). Our company has increased the number of partnerships including with the largest distributors of Panel and cement in the region such as: Panellko A.D, Cement Plus TITAN, Usje A.D. to supply the Kosovo market with all types of panel and cement.


Based on the successes achieved, in 2006 our company joined the food sector by establishing the factory for the production of bread “Ko-BAKE”. The factory very quickly became stronger as a large company in Kosovo, thus becoming a permanent factor in the production of flour products – bread. With its base in Pristina, the factory has a production capacity of 25,000 loaves in 24 hours.

We at Nderimi LLC are proud to have worked with KFOR military personnel from various countries in Kosovo on demolition projects, enhancing our good reputation in the construction and demolition sectors as a company providing quality services that meet the highest non-construction standards not only in Kosovo but also worldwide.

KFOR projects include:

Irish Camp (Clarke Camp)

Finnish Camp (Ville Camp)

Swedish Camp (Victoria Camp)

Greek Camp (Rigas Ferairos Camp)

American Camp (Bondsteel Camp)



Our company has invested in the construction of the business complex in the neighborhood “MATI 1″ in the St.”Ndue PĂ«rlleshi”. The buildings have just been completed and are presented as the most attractive buildings in this neighborhood, built with an European standard and concept.

The newest project that has started to be developed by this company is the neighborhood called “Panorama Residence” in Ferizaj with an investment program of millions. In a modern, peripheral and completely ecological environment, there will be built 430 residential houses, many buildings, educational center, recreation center and medical center with a functional infrastructure.


Nderimi has started cooperation with several companies from European countries for the export of various containers. Recently in cooperation with the company “Aliu Bau GmbH” from Germany we have won several projects to export different types of containers including residential, office, bathroom and many other types.



Nderimi LLC has been declared one of the most successful companies in Kosovo and with the largest turnover of goods. This assessment was made by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and “KIESA” (Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency). Nderimi has been declared the top company of 2017 in terms of increases in tax payments, increasing the number of employees and expanding intensive business.

Also, the company has received another successful assessment for 2017 from the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and Customs of the Republic of Kosovo, ranking in the top five best companies in the country for the export of ferrous waste in quantitative volume. In terms of financial volume, it ranks tenth at the national level as a company with increasing material exports.