Type 4

  • YEAR :
  • CATEGORY : Cultural

Ground floor

On this floor are planned and designed the entrances to the garage, the entrance to the house, and the space of the heating system. The entrance is designed with a windshield, the garages are closed with automatic doors while the warm connection of the garage with the primary functions of the house is done.

As a very important part of the house on this floor are also planned auxiliary alcoves, bathroom for daily use equipped with shower cabin, washer, shell, and auxiliary elements. The kitchen is maximally usable and has elements of the highest quality. The dining room is planned for six members and in addition to the dining area, this part of the house also offers reading space. While the terrace will enable you to enjoy the tranquility and relaxing view that the neighborhood offers you. The couple’s or guest bedroom is also planned.

Ground floor dimensions:

Living room 30.6 m2

Kitchen + Dining room 19.8 m2

Terrace 14.1 m2

Bedroom 12.9 m2

Bathroom 4.3 m2

Heating system 6.9 m2

Air protection 4.8 m2

Corridor 11.8 m2

Garage 17.3 m2

Stairs 5.3 m2

Gross Total: 145.4 m2

First floor

On the floor are designed and organized bedrooms with planning and high standard for organization and furnishing.

The bedroom for the couple is planned with a balcony, wardrobe, and a separate bathroom that offers maximum comfort and privacy. While bathrooms and bedrooms for children offer optimal usability of the surface and are complete with the necessary elements.

On the floor is also planned the construction of a separate alcove for washing machines and a machine for drying clothes.

First floor dimensions:

Bedroom 19.3 m2

Wardrobe cabinet 8.1 m2

Bathroom 6.5 m2

Balcony 2.8 m2

Bedroom 17.2 m2

Bedroom 15.1 m2

Corridor 20.3 m2

Bathroom 5.6 m2

Utility 6.0 m2

Gross Total: 123.2 m2

Second floor

The second floor is planned without partition walls and can be used for various purposes. Also on this floor, there is a terrace planned with a space of 88.2 m2.

Gross Total: 53.8 m2

Total area of type 4: Net Total: 278.2 m2 / Gross Total: 322.4 m2 + Terrace 88.2 m2