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Modern planning and design of living spaces has been given special importance in order to meet the highest standards of accommodation for medium-sized multi-apartment and individual buildings.


Individual residence houses are designed in such a way as to meet all the needs of the residents. They are located at great distances from one another in order for everyone to have the privacy they need for a peaceful life. The neighborhood is spread over 52 hectares where 430 houses and medium-sized buildings will be built. Several types of houses with different views, dimensions, and living areas are planned where each of them will be built based on the highest quality and European standards. You will be able to enjoy the impressive view of the surroundings of the neighborhood from your backyard which has an area of more than 450 square meters.


Astonishing architecture, quality construction and rational use of living space are some of the elements that make the medium four-floor buildings of Panorama Residence very special. Designed in a contemporary style that will bring you closer to the western art spirit.


Residents of the Panorama Residence will also have access to kindergartens, schools, sports, recreation areas, hotel and shopping facilities. Also, specialist ambulance, post office, theater, cinema hall, sports hall, outdoor and indoor pool for sports and creative activities will be provided for the satisfaction of the residents of our neighborhood.