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The water supply network is designed with standards and norms according to the European level for drinking water for the needs of the residents of Panorama Residence. Also in the highest part of the hill, it is planned to build a reservoir with European standards for the accumulation of drinking water from deep drilling supplies for high-quality drinking water. In this way, sufficient water will be provided for all residential spaces, public buildings as well as for the maintenance of green areas at all times.

The sewage system as well as the white water system is designed with proper dimensions and pipes wider than the standards set in order to provide quality and healthy life in the neighborhood. By providing such a modern water collection system, we prevent floods and further strengthen our mission to provide you with a high quality of life.


At Panorama Residence you will find complete road infrastructure planned based on the highest European norms. Near each house, there will be two linear parking lots to take away the worry of not having enough parking. Residents of the neighborhood will be able to move through sidewalks and sidewalks dedicated to pedestrians which will have the necessary lighting. We have also thought about your health by offering you cycling and jogging trails so that you can have an active life.