Resident houses

It has never been easier to get the house you have always dreamed of. Panorama Residence offers cooperation with banks up to 25 years of credit.

On the ground floor of each of the houses are planned and designed the entrances to the garage and the entrance to the house. On the ground floor, there are auxiliary alcoves, a bathroom for daily use equipped with a shower cabin, hand-washer, shell, and auxiliary elements designed. The entrance is designed with windbreaks to adapt the climatic conditions and to protect living spaces from currents and the penetration of cold or warm air. Garages are closed with automatic doors.

The living room enables rational use of space and free arrangement of furniture. The windows and openings have large dimensions providing sufficient natural light and unobstructed views of the street and courtyard. Automatic aluminum shutters are designed to prevent excessive radiation.

The dining room, which has adequate lighting throughout the day, is designed as an integrated part of the living room overlooking both east and south or west and south. In addition to the dining area, this part of the house also offers reading space.

The kitchen is maximally usable and has elements of the highest quality. With natural light and direct connection to the dining room and living area, this space offers, even more, the comfort of a modern home.

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On the first floor, the bedrooms are designed with high standards in terms of ventilation, insulation, and natural light. The rooms are oriented east, south, and west according to the position and plot of the building, as an important element for providing comfortable sleep for the residents of the houses.

In order to ensure privacy and comfort for married couples, the bedrooms are planned to have a separate wardrobe and bathroom from the rest of the house. On the other hand, children’s bedrooms provide the necessary comfort and tranquility enabling optimal usability of the room surface. The separate children’s bathroom is complete with all the necessary sanitary elements.

On this floor, it is also planned a special alcove for washing machines such as for drying clothes, providing you with a European level of lifestyle!